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Here's a Thought

What would you like to be doing?

Seriously. If it were like a year ago, or, maybe better, how about ten years ago, what would you like to be doing? We’re all feeling beleaguered, right? So, is the quick answer, “I’d like to be flying to Paris.” said someone sitting in Sarasota and holding a very dry martini with blue cheese olives? Or is it more abstract like I’d like to take up the sitar, which I agree with, but let’s get real, would you really? I mean you had all those years to do it, right? And by you, I mean me, and there you are. I didn’t. My bad.

But Paris is always a good idea. Audrey Hepburn said so. So, there’s that.

At any rate, we’re here. Still here. And the sameness is getting old. The limitations. The restraints – some genuine, some self-imposed. But lets be honest. What did we do with the free time when it was, in fact, free time? Did we live bigger? Or just think bigger? Curious.

Either way, still here. And thank goodness for Netflix. But also, if you let it be, thank goodness for Proust and Faulkner and Joyce, because when else would you read them, am I right? And what about jigsaw puzzles? Can we get a, “Yes!” for jigsaw puzzles? And remote yoga classes and cooking classes and language classes and on and on. It’s times like these that make us address those lists we make that start with,”If only I had the time and the privacy, I’d...” You’d what? Start that novel? Learn Portuguese? Write a letter to everyone whoever mattered to you? Take up knitting? Sing? Change the world?

Have at it. It’s your time. And it’s kind of a gift. A gift in a bent box with torn wrapping...but a gift, nonetheless.

I always say don’t make plans, make options.

– Jennifer Aniston

(and don’t we all need a little Jennifer Aniston right now?)

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