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Here We Go Again

Next week, I'm jumping off a new cliff

Not literally. I mean, I live in Florida after all, ergo, no cliffs. And I can’t see myself actually jumping off a cliff anyway, because that just seems scary and kind of stupid.

But metaphorically, it’s very appealing, and by “jumping off cliffs” I mean doing something completely different. Adding a little “New” to the mix.

And deciding to do anything new requires research and homework and a certain amount of discomfort and feeling awkward and many what-have-I-gotten-myself-into internal discussions. I’ve learned a lot of stuff in the last few weeks – stuff I didn’t know, stuff I didn’t know I needed to know – it’s kind of like Calculus. But I just bumped out the picture window in my brain and added a studio with a view of the Empire State Building, where I can spread all this new-found knowledge out on the massive barn wood table – see, I’m channeling all of my former lives and stage sets together and the mental vista is kindawonderful.

My point I suppose is this – revisit your past and re-envision the best parts; go for something completely new and don’t be afraid to jump categories, capabilities or generations. It’s all a game, after all, and the rules keep changing.

And who among us ever liked following the rules anyway? Nobody I know, which means nobody reading this right now. So, thanks for being a rule modifier. It’s one of the many reasons I love you.

Now, back to the cliff – I’m scheduled for take off early Tuesday evening. Wish me a smooth landing and bonne chance! And drop me a line and let me know what rules you’re breaking these days to combat the Covid Follies. I’m always looking for inspiration.



Not taking a risk is a risk. That’s how I see it.

– Robert Redford

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