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Written on the Wind

I received a handwritten note the other day...written on a note ink...and signed.....


The handwriting looks like the voice of the writer sounds – clear with flourishes, somewhat musical, engaging, alive.

Marie Antoinette - frighteningly perfect. Did this person say,"Let them eat cake?" Of course she did.

How can you not love that? Someone took the time to sit down, get out a note card, compose in their head, and have an off-the-cuff conversation with the thought of you. It’s a treat, a gift, a moment. You read it once for the intent, then you read it again to hear the voice.

Michelangelo - structural and confident. That ceiling isn't going to paint itself!

I miss hand writing in general and hand written notes especially – I’m a sucker for the personal touch. Handwriting has more or less been replaced by e mail which is anonymous in appearance and usually tone deaf, and texting for all of us who are so very busy that we can’t even stop for a phone call, let alone to read a full sentence. And while texts are fast and can be fun, they’re usually filled with often repurposed emojis and made up acronyms to take the place of already short words. Kind of lazy...or should I say, KOL?

Lady Gaga - flirty and playful and appreciative. Always appreciative.

No, letters are special and seductive by nature, and handwriting, in and of itself, is a uniquely own-able form of self expression. Delicate or powerful, languorous or hurried, handwriting is a tangible expression of the writer which can signify a personal touch, a private whisper or much more...

“...And there’s something visceral about opening a letter – I see her on the page.

I see her in her handwriting.” – Steve Carell

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