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We Always Have White Flowers

The Muse makes sure of that.

I think everybody should have flowers. Everybody. I think people should buy themselves flowers. To have. This probably sounds ludicrously surface to a lot of people but I’m just sayin’ if you can look at a flower, the structure of the flower, if you can look at that architectural brilliance, then touch it and feel the ultimate softness of the petals, and then, if it has a scent, well...has anyone ever achieved anything of the same complicatedly simplistic genius? I don’t think so and there you are.

After a trying day where all the evils of the world descend on you – and by you I mean me – look at a flower, really look, and well, if you still think you’re such a big deal – and again, by you, I mean me – well, you’re no rose or hydrangea or orchid, am I right?

It’s all about perspective at the end of the the end of every day. And if you’ve dealt with nonsense or hit many walls trying to do the right thing, take a breath. Stop and smell the roses literally. And touch the hydrangea and really look at the orchid.

We’re surrounded by beauty and perfection every moment of every day if only we take the blinders off and look.

We always have white flowers because, to us, there’s something incredibly pure in the vision, and the idea of pure white found in nature is just nuts! They’re like empty canvases that need no paint because they’re already masterpieces delivered perfectly on arrival.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

– Zen Shins

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