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The Dog Days of Summer Have Returned

Such a good boy! Such a good girl!

I live in the pet capital of the country, I think. And it’s a wonderful thing. Big pets, little pets, pets that look like their human parents, pets that look like movie stars...or maybe it’s Instagram stars. Either way, they’re stars, make no mistake about that! 

Over the years, I’ve created portraits of literally hundreds of pets, those wonderful animals that are loved and give their unconditional love in return, and I love it. There’s a very obvious joy and intimacy in the experience, and I don’t take it lightly. It’s like being invited into someone’s family for a moment and entrusted with a very prized relationship. Very special, indeed.

Some of the pets I’ve rendered have been puppies or kittens. Others have been very mature in their years and expressions. Others still, have crossed the rainbow bridge and are now warm memories for those they left behind. In all instances, the challenge is to represent them with love and respect and to connect with the messages behind their eyes. It always comes back to the eyes.


Send me a message or visit my site at to find out more about collaborating on your own portrait of your best furry friend...or feathered...or reptilian...

Drawings are offered as 11” x 14” renderings, priced at $150 plus shipping and can be created up to 18” x 24” (and priced accordingly). And for a very different kind of statement, oil portraits on canvas are available in all sizes.

Just text or e mail your favorite photos and let's get started


I love creating portraits, all kinds of portraits, and connecting with that something-behind-the-eyes thing. And with pets, that connection is easily found, because they’re so transparent in their emotions. Regal, playful, thoughtful, silly, beautiful, quirky, timid, strong – each one special, each one loved. Isn’t it time to capture those emotions? Let’s talk about it. 


If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, 

then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

– James Herriot

Can I get a WOOF?!

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