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The Muse designed a glamorously seductive cocktail lounge and I did the murals and art for the space. There was a VIP opening last night. Incredible, right? Can you say,”Old dogs, new tricks?”

You see, there’s this restaurant that we frequent...ok, frequent is being polite...we basically live there part-time and have been in attendance longer than some of the furniture. It’s called Element. We love it there. And we think they kinda love us back. The space is beautiful, the staff is wonderful, the delectables are delectable, and the woman who runs the whole show is down right amazing!

She, Michelle is her name, is a non-stop force of nature – always moving, always thinking, always visualizing...and always with her clientele in mind.

And that clientele is something out of Business Week crossed with Bravo TV, with a little Tennessee Williams on the side. Never dull, or even predictable. We’ve met so many of the best people we’ve ever known right there at the bar – warm, fun, smart, beautiful, and occasionally southern – Element is our version of Cheers...but with very good shoes and jewelry.

So, one night we got to talking with Michelle about the possibilities of a space next door to Element, which was also hers. She had some ideas, she said. Something sexy and sophisticated, she said. A true, 50s-60s style cocktail lounge, she said. And she thought of us and how would we like to put it together with her, she said.

Uh...that would be a yes. After a certain age, when someone puts you in the same sentence with “sexy and sophisticated,” well, your head does turn...just sayin’.

So, we dove in, heads first, and that’s how we spent the fall, creating a beautiful, swanky lair, where there once was a grey void. Wonderful! And the best commercial collaboration ever. And the result is The Lounge at Element. It’s a modern take on a classic, urban cocktail lounge, where women wore LBDs and men wore sharkskin suits; it has an intimate, late-night, jazzy vibe that sets the tone for a night to remember. It’s a beautifully enveloping space with soft lighting and chic-cozy seating, where everyone looks their best and romance is always a possibility. The drinks offered are classic and custom, and one of the cocktails is named The Muse, while another is called The Creative Executive. Nice! Another goal achieved.

But the best part of all for me was last night, when worlds collided and many of our friends – some old, some new, some Elemental – all came together – inside and outside, masked and cautious – to toast and celebrate and support our latest adventure. I love my friends. And I love my life. And I’m here to tell you from experience, when Opportunity comes knocking, don’t just open the door. Drag it inside and give it a big, strong hug. It’ll hug you back. I promise.

You’re always welcome at The Lounge, where style is served straight up…with a twist. – me

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