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So, This Happened

It’s time...

Birthday Season is wrapping up and it’s been fairly amazing! And now to cap it off, this week I started a new chapter in my career with a remarkable group of people! It’s an honor. It’s a privilege. It’s a blast!

It’s the Dawn McKenna Group, the 8th most successful real estate team in the entire U.S., among ALL brokerages, and that’s saying A LOT! Dawn is a whirlwind – a true one-of-a-kind original with a passion for practically everything, especially real estate...and fashion. She’s smart, shrewd, funny, decisive, generous – five of my favorite characteristics that don’t come together often in one person. And the team she’s assembled are kind and welcoming, as well as being wicked good at what they do and darned attractive while doing it, just sayin’.

I’m the newly minted Creative Director for this ever-evolving, forward-thinking company. This is a party I’m excited to be invited to. This is a sandbox I’m happy to be playing in. It’s about the spark, the opportunity for creativity, the mutual respect and genuine appreciation. Gotta love it.

It’s funny, in life, how one thing leads to another, which leads to another and again another. Some connections gradually grow into relationships and possibilities, and when the timing is right and all the pieces find their proper places, they all come together – and it feels like magic.

There’s a rhythm to it all. There's a rhythm to life. And mine seems to be syncopated. How cool is that?

“Serendipity always rewards the prepared.”

– Katori Hall

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1 Comment

Mar 17, 2023

They are lucky to have you- good luck :)

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