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She Was Always Beautiful

bringing elegance and confidence to the heavily burdened role of Sex Symbol.

And she was THE sex symbol for a generation or two, always combustibly, curvaceously, beautifully sexy but also grounded, strong and in on her own joke.

She was kind, she was sweet, it was natural and it showed. She was a professional who understood the assignment, and while she didn’t appreciate the sneers from some or dismissive comments from many, she embraced her role and made it her own, all the while standing tall, with perfect posture, and wielding that breathy, whispery voice like a sword. She was smart, always. She had her limits and enforced them, always. She was a positive presence, a resilient force, a beacon of happiness, a wonderful mom...always.

And she was, from the first time we saw her in the fur bikini all those years ago, until her last day this past week, RAQUEL WELCH, a true one-of-a-kind seductress, and a remarkable example of how even the most beautiful people become that much more beautiful when their souls shine through and their goodness is true.

Sometimes, beauty is its own reward, but in Raquel Welch’s case, beauty was one of many. And we are all the better for her having shared them.

“The mind can also be an erogenous zone."

– Raquel Welch

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