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Rich Food

The other night, the Muse conjured up heaven on a plate...again.

It’s a gift. Truly. There’s something about having the ability to make a beautiful meal that is total magic to me, and that having been said, I’m fortunate to share my life with one of the great magicians. The Muse is one of those people that can look in the refrigerator, see four scraps of whatever, and somehow, with a little olive oil and a slow simmer, turn it into a feast. And a beautiful feast at that.


An empty plate is his canvas, his palette changes daily to suit the mood. And the end result is inevitably the highlight of the day. When others have said, over this past year in Coronaville, that they’ve gotten bored with the repetition of their day-to-day dinner routine, it’s all blah and they’re eating too much junk food, I can honestly say that I can’t relate, and believe me, I totally realize how lucky and spoiled I am.


We eat late, by most people’s standards. Certainly late by Sarasota standards or “active adult” standards. It’s a whole routine of building out an evening. Work done, then gym, shower, cocktails, prep and conversation, and finally, the main event. The lights are low, the music is smooth, the candles are lit, the wine is poured, and the plating is something to see. It’s 10 o’clock. It’s perfect.


When the world hands you a pandemic and your entire universe has become encapsulated, who’s to say you can’t create your own version of resort vacation magic? Well, I for one can’t. I can set the stage and dim the lights and light the candles and pour the wine and that’s about it. But the surprising, succulent, beautiful part? The Muse has that part down. Cooking and the preparation of meals, is an art form that addresses all the senses in a multi-layered composition of wonder. And that talent, like all creative talents is based on hard work, learned skill, attention to detail, sensitivity and a certain gusto. Regarding the Muse, that would be a check, check, check, check and check!


I’m amazed on a daily basis. And appreciative beyond words. Bon Appetit, indeed!


Life is a combination of magic and pasta. – Federico Fellini

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