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Night and Day and Something Else

I have a brother and a sister who I love and adore, and we’re as different as night and day and something else, but oddly enough we’re exactly the same. And that’s the point.

My big brother is brilliant, an incessant reader, a man of God, a pastor of note, and the father of two of my favorite people. Former 4-letter man, former capital S salesman, he’s reinvented himself more than a couple of times. He has great presence and knows how to own a stage or pulpit; he’s charismatic, has a beautiful speaking voice and understands the power of a pause.

My lovely sister is an utterly unique force of nature, a vision of goodness, a soul of generosity and the mother of one of my favorite people. Forever “Most Popular”, former remarkably successful saleswoman, she’s restyled herself a million times and Nordstrom’s is very appreciative. She has memorable presence and knows how to own a stage, a concert hall or a living room, she’s charismatic, has an enveloping speaking voice and understands the power of natural warmth.

I’m their baby brother, the third, the extra. I’m different, or so I’ve been told, but different from whom? And who’s calibrating? I keep asking myself. The artsy one, the slightly-more-than-what-we’d-expected one, I’ve reinvented myself weekly since 1970. I’ve been known to steal a spotlight or two and have a speaking voice that hopefully embraces and welcomes a response.

We’re three very different people, who cheer each other on, each raised by our very intelligent, inspiring and loving parents, Bob and Shirley. We’re blessed and we know it.

And the thought that political pundates on either side would use our differences as a devisive weapon or our similarities for a false narrative that suits their needs is an insult to the three of us and our parents and our upbringing and the millions like us.

We are three different people born in love, raised in love, raised to be the best version of what we are and quite frankly, we’ve done it brilliantly, thanks to the support of the other two and the parents who set the stage.

We are the same in that we’re good people raised to be responsible, generous, thoughtful human beings. We are different in that we were each raised to be our best selves and give back to the world what best we could.

I think that many politicians, in the desire to be re-elected and secure their future financial and insurance goals, have chosen to sideline their individuality and their roots and forget. Forget who they are, who they came from, who they were meant to be and what they could inspire in others.

I think that’s sad. And that’s not what Bob and Shirley would have had in mind.

Show the world who you are. They need to know.

— me

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