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It's a New Life

Nina Simone is singing Feeling it should be.

It’s a beautiful, slightly-cool-by-Sarasota-standards evening. The town is remarkably busy, which is a little nervous-making, but many of the temporary Spring-break residents are wearing masks, so that’s nice.We’ve headed out to visit one of our favorite beauties and share a glass or two of champagne, because it’s the night before Easter and that’s what you do when you can’t be with family very far away, times being what they are.

While relaxing at her establishment and enjoying her always bright and shining company, we get introduced to one of the managers who has nothing but wonderful things to say about The Lounge at Element we recently completed and how he’s heard it’s a hit right out of the gate. Nice, pleased to meet you and cheers!

A very attractive couple sit down next to us and we sort of share the same space and conversation happens. They’re Danish, by way of Dallas, go figure, and are vacationing for a week in our adopted home town. They’re so nice, I mean SO nice. Instant connection. He’s cool and easy and she’s lovely in every way. Great Danes. Polite this...miss that...any recommendations for restaurants?

Any recommendations for restaurants did she say? Um, that would be a yes. So, we share the names of our favorites along with telling details, favorite dishes and key character descriptions, and let them know which ones they should say we sent them to. When the subject of our home away from home – Element – comes up, the lovely lady, our new best Danish friend says that they walked by it this afternoon and it has this wonderful, very glamorous cocktail lounge next door and,”Here, I took pictures. I’ll show you.” And she pulls out her phone and shows us photos of our Lounge and how much fun is that?!

So, we tell them we did it and what follows is a wonderful moment of pride and joy and shared enthusiasm.

Birds flying high, you know how I feel... Happy Spring y'all!

Sun in the sky You know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by You know how I feel - Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

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