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I Hope You Win

It’s OSCAR season again! And I love that.

Not really sure why, because it usually isn’t good, which I’ve never been able to understand. Every twelve months, they, whoever “they” are, have a full year, an astronomical budget and access to the most talented show people in the world, to create a smart, entertaining, beautiful 2-hour event that inevitably dissolves into a “Should I open another bottle of wine?” 4-hour sleep-fest. Where’s the humanity?

But I watch, always hoping for the didn’t-see-that-coming moment that happens occasionally (1986 - Cher’s revenge dress, 1989 - the Snow White/Rob Lowe opening extravaganza, 2001 - Bjork dressed like a swan, 2015 - Lady Gaga meets Julie Andrews) and to see certain people showing up looking their movie-star best - Charlize Theron always.

It’s the best of distractions - like the Super Bowl, like the Graham Norton Show, like Martini Thursdays – from the often overwhelmingly grim real world news. And there’s value in that. Real value.

So, this Sunday, turn on the TV, put your brain on hold, get comfortable in your favorite sweats, supersize your favorite beverage, open a bag of something that requires dipping...and wait for it...the beauty, the crazy, the unscripted, the metaphorical “slap”.

The world can wait for a few hours. THIS is SHOW BUSINESS!

“Our minds are big enough to contemplate the cosmos

but small enough to care about who wins an Oscar.”

– Dean Cavanagh

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