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Happy? Yes.

It’s the birthday season.

The actual day was last Monday, but the season, my season, goes on for a month. As it should. As it should for everyone. Especially after 30 or so. You accumulate too many special people and special memories and special everythings to crowd into one day. That’s ridiculous. So spread it out. Trust me on that.

And each birthday gets better. It does. Or mine do, and I’m forever grateful. This Monday, the age range of my birthday well-wishers was 2 years old to 92 years old. I heard from best friends of long standing and the newly minted variety. I heard from those whom I’ve mentored and those who have mentored me. I heard from great loves of the past and present. I heard from some who made me catch my breath and others who know how to conjure an instant emotion. I love my life. And at this stage, even more. Every day in every way.

Having the age range in the friend department is key, I think. And the interest range, too. You’re always learning something and experiencing life through different eyes. It’s like watching foreign films with really good subtitles, where you see a scene that looks familiar and think you understand it, and then you read the really good subtitle and go, “Ohhhh, I get it now!”

I love the idea that everybody has their own story, their own version of...everything. And I want to know those stories. The who, what, where and why of those stories. What could be better? It’s like Netflix on steroids. And it makes you fuller, better, more interesting and less self-absorbed. The best parts of my own life, I’ve learned, shared or been given from someone else. Truth. And so, I live in a constant state of appreciation. It’s a wonderful state to be in.

“Say Thank you every day – to everyone, to everything and to your inner soul. Say Thank you because you can, because you should, because it’s the right thing to do.”

– me

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