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Good Neighbors

She is being courted.

When we moved into our current home a year and a half ago, we won the lottery in across-the-hall-neighbors. She’s delightful and charming and welcoming and has a laugh that can be heard in Cleveland, something I appreciate since I have a similar laugh and grew up in a house filled with them.

Anyway, she’s all that and impressively talented in the music arena – harp and piano, to be specific – with a remarkable resumé and an even better collection of memories. Kindawonderful.

So, tonight we shared an elevator ride together, and she looked especially bright and happy and all that and I quickly found out why – my favorite new-ish neighbor is being courted! So great! And lucky him. Lucky her, too, from the looks of things. And isn’t that great? I mean, new romance is always great, right? And the meet cute story is Grade A Lifetime Network – she’s the vivacious musician, he’s a former Marine, yadda-yadda-yadda and cue the doves. The credits role with a harp rendition of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy in the background. I’m in!

I’m SO happy for my neighbor. I’m so appreciative to bask in the glow of her Capital J Joy! And I know you’re happy for them too, because friendship, love, a meeting of souls, a shared laugh – what’s better?

Oh, and did I mention she’s 90? And he’s 92?

Love. And adore.

She laughed so sweet and loud and long it sounded like a bell, a harp, a song.

– Patrick Rothfuss

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