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Getting to Know You

Getting to know all about you.

Well, a little bit anyway, because their legends are just beginning.

The Muse and I are blessed with amazing families on both sides and families that just keep on giving. We have the best siblings, the best nieces and nephews, and nieces and nephews of choice. It’s remarkable and HBO+ series worthy, truth be told. Each one unique, each one accomplished, each one so interesting and each one not bad looking...just sayin’

And though I know that’s a very surface observation, I’m the surface uncle, in a certain sense, but as anyone who knows me well knows, I think literally everyone is beautiful because they don’t look like anyone else. They’re unique, special, gorgeous from birth and isn’t that a wonderful thing? (But ours are really something.) And then they have children – the Baby Grands. And we have so many and they’re magic! Just add water. It’s incredible to watch them grow and change and become.

Incredible. Tear-provoking. Beyond wondrous.

Sloan, Harper, Logan, Bryce, Nicolette, Preston, Ryan, Juliette. We’re watching in awe and anticipation. Brains, curiosity, a reach with no bounds. (apparently we now jump from 9 years old to 27. I don’t know if you knew that?)

And this weekend we got to experience epiphanies with the two newest Baby Grands – one up close and personal and my name sake, Billie ( I know, right? Moment, please.) and the other who is a marching band of joy all by himself, Grayson, who just experienced DISNEY for the first time! And, thanks to social media, we got to experience it with him, long distance. No words!

Billie is the smiley-est baby we’ve ever seen, with an ability to make eye-contact and seduce you with dimples not seen since Audrey Hepburn. She has her mother’s glorious ease in beauty and grace, and her father’s sassy charm. Lucky girl. Lucky parents. Fabulous family!

And Grayson has this Albert Einstein/Marty Ingels vibe that is pure, unadulterated joy with a very internal scenario. He has his parent’s shared energy and unexpected “what’s next?” quality, and more than a little of his Nana’s very uniquely joyous personality. Special sauce?! Oh, I think so.

Together Billie’s and Grayson’s energy alone could change the world. Would that we’d let them.

We love the Baby Grands. All of them. And we love the promise they bring. And we love being blessed to have a ticket on their train.

So, here’s to next. Here’s to promise. Here’s to joy. Here’s to possibilities.

We are always an open book to everyone coming next. Nothing held back, no lies, no whispers. We are so beyond privileged to be a part of their scenarios. Ask a question and they’ll get an answer. Will it be helpful? That’s up to them. But will it be honest? Absolutely.

I think leading by example is important, as I know the next generation is watching us.

- Michael Skolnik

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