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Creatively Speaking

So, I did this presentation this week, to my team and a bunch of other people within our company,

and it was kinda great, at least for me, and I hope for them.

It was about imagination and inspiration and creativity, all of which I’m passionate about to an embarrassing degree and all of which, most people, I’ve learned, are curious about and a little removed from. Rightly so, since our modern day world doesn’t welcome difference and creativity with welcome arms, as a rule.

So, when it does happen, and you have the opportunity to talk about it, well, how wonderful is that?

To me, it’s about being basically open to whatever happens and however it happens to come your way. Being creative is a blessing and a curse, as I’ve often said, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a curse because there’s no guarantee that your creative Muse is gonna show up every time you need him/her and, well, there you are, left with a paint brush full of empty gestures and a blank canvas waiting for a dance.

Yet, some how you move on. You address the canvas and you go forward and before you know it, you’re an artistically metaphorical way. And that there is the blessing – the vision after the haze. It’s the unexpected answer, the realization of,”Yes, I can, and yes, I see, and so, I will!”

I love a creative life. I love my creative life. It’s like living in quadraphonic visual sound. Fairly epic.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

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1 Comment

Stacy Wulf Kader
Stacy Wulf Kader
May 07, 2021

And you are an amazingly and incredibly (and, if I was a crearive writer, I would have exceedingly better adverbs) talented creative person!

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