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Blog 396. Catching Up

Once they were our nieces and nephews. Now they’re our very good friends.

And how great is that? We love them to distraction...and their partners in crime...and their growing broods. And after too much distance over the last few pandemic years, we’ve gradually been able to see all of them, and it’s the most wonderful thing. They’ve all changed, but they haven’t really. And we’ve changed, but we haven’t really. The memories and habits and the joy we take in each other’s beings have created a solid foundation made stronger with trust and pride and unconditional love.

And they’re smart. And they’re funny. And they’re darned good-looking. Very good company indeed. It’s so interesting to see how the conversations have grown up along with them. It’s so entertaining to ask the questions we and they have always wanted to.

You get to observe the physical and intellectual inheritances made whole. A thoughtfulness that seems familiar, a perfectionist streak that runs deep. A certain smile, a raised eyebrow, a casual grace, a powerful presence. And every now and then you get to experience a real moment of deja vu when a laugh rings so true, that if you close your eyes, it’s another’s face you see, someone who had gone before. And you smile to yourself, in remembrance and appreciation.

You’ll always be magic, because we’re your uncles and we said so.

– the Uncles

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