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Birthday Season

It’s well into the Birthday Season and I’ll soon be officially turning 34 again for the 34th time,

which makes me 67, which is a non-age, as birthdays go.

But this birthday is killing it – COVID or not – and once again, I marvel at the fact that getting older does not suck! We began the season with the opening of The Lounge (see last blog), which was major fun, completely unanticipated, and a big success! Creative challenges at any age are wonderful. To be asked to be sexy and seductive at any age is fantastic!

At the same time, we had a visitor – the Muse’s sister Martha, and one of my favorite people in life – and she was with us for a week, and how wonderful to see family when you haven’t in such a long words. Anyway, we laughed and talked and talked and laughed and ate and ate and ate some more. Heaven.

And then one of our favorite niece/nephew combinations drove across state to visit and we love them to distraction. They shine. Literally.

And then, a painting. I finished a big, I mean really big, abstract and presented it to its new owners this week and they’re happy! And I’m happy! And it’s all good! It’s about reaching for the joy and it’s called “Make Voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.” – one of my favorite quotes from Tennessee Williams, who sadly couldn’t listen to his own advice.

And now, I’m getting ready to unleash my new fine art web site. There’s a link here and I hope you’ll visit and stay a while. So here goes...TA-DA!

It’s been a year all right, filled with challenges and challenges met, sighs and whispers and laughter in abundance. An imposed retreat of sorts, where you get a front row seat of the You story and what you’re made of...and what really matters...and what really doesn’t.

And you know what I think matters? Laughter, joy, kindness and being the best YOU you can be. You know what I think doesn’t matter? Everything else.

I’ve always chosen to believe that everyone’s doing the best they can, in any given situation. I may be wrong but it’s what I choose to believe. Unexpected rudeness isn’t as offensive that way – you just chalk it up to “they really suck at doing the best they can.”

But back to “the best they can” arrived today – white, if you’ve been paying attention – and they’re incredible and beautiful, as are the couple they’re from. So nice! And strawberries. CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES that spell out HAPPY BDAY! Delicious delectables from two of my favorite delicious delectables! Yum!

Cocktails have been shared and will continue to be, dinners have been planned and will continue to be, and I literally want for nothing...except a vaccine.

The sun’s out in Sarasota and so is the warmth, in abundance. So Happy Birthday to me!

And thank you all for playing!

They say it’s your birthday

We’re gonna have a good time!

– Lennon and McCartney

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