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Bellamato (Beautiful Dear Ones)

They came from near and far.

They came to celebrate an event twice delayed that now was actually happening. Family, friends, soul mates, partners in crimes of creativity – they came for two people they love.

A wedding is always a wonderful thing – well, maybe not always, but usually. (I mean things can go wrong, aesthetically and psychologically. We’ve all been to those weddings, the ones where we’re embarrassed for the bridesmaids and we want the crock pot back.), But when everything is right, when everything is even better than right, when everything is what we all hope to someday witness, let alone be a part of, well, that’s more than a wedding. That’s a celebration of life and love and all things wonderful.

Last week was such a wedding – a joining of two complementary halves who complete each other in ways they never even thought possible. He gives her emotional room to breathe. She gives him intellectual challenge on a visually influenced channel. They’re cool, individually, but so much cooler together.

It’s the unexpected, I think. The promise of the unexpected. And what could be better than looking forward to a shared life of ideas and imagination and wonder at each other’s special-ness? And we haven’t even talked about shoes - hers, and facial hair - his, and random musical references, and personalities that dare to dare.

I love these two people. I had the honor of marrying these two people. The thought of them enriches me and brings a smile to my face and this week is a very special highlight of my life.

Because, without true love, without reflected love, without creative magic, without the ability to see dreams and make them real, well, what else is there?

Thank you Regina and Mike. Be wonderful. Be fabulous. Be you.

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

– The Wizard of Oz

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