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Ripple Effect

I’m sitting on a riverboat alone in the early morning. 

Just me, a very good latte, a chocolate croissant, and my laptop. We’re gliding down the Danube...silently, effortlessly. The world is unfolding; it’s a new landscape for me but comfortingly familiar. Peaceful resembles peaceful wherever you’re able to find it, I guess.

It’s like moving without moving. Like sleepwalking. Or riverwalking, perhaps. You come upon things, or they come upon you, I’m not sure which. But either way, connections occur. You didn’t see them coming, and yet here they are. Where will they lead? What will they mean? Will they make a difference? Will you?

Going with the flow has never been made more clear. I wonder what’s around the next bend? Not that it matters, really. Because whatever it is, so it shall be. 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

— Carl Jung

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