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Blog 391. And Counting

So, I'm in countdown mode.

Last week I started numbering the blogs. That’s because I’m coming into the final lap of an arbitrary competition with myself. And I think I might win! This is my 391st blog since I began doing this thing. That’s a lot of blogs. And for those of you who have stayed loyal and true since the beginning, a sincere and heartfelt thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed the show...or the sharing...or what one reader calls, “My Saturday-coffee-with-Bill time.” Lovely.

I certainly have enjoyed creating it and putting words to thoughts that are often shared, sometimes contested, and, at least I hope, considered. It’s great brain exercise and keeps me in check with my own thoughts. But I never like to overstay my welcome, and wisdom is knowing when to leave, so I’m taking a break when I reach Blog 400. I love a goal, arbitrary or otherwise.

400 is a nice number and a valid rationale to publish a fourth collection of one hundred blogs, which will be available this summer on Amazon – stay tuned. And for those of you who missed the first three collections, you can find them at the links below – they’re easy beach reads, terrific hostess gifts and they prop up a wobbly table leg brilliantly.

So thanks again for playing, catch up on what’s gone before and let the countdown continue...

– me

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