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At Home on the Other Side of the World

I’ve learned so much already and nothing is better than that.

The extreme beauty of a legendary ancient culture. An attention to detail unmatched anywhere else in the world. The need for respect, always. The values found in quiet and order. A color scheme clearly defined by natural surroundings. The ability to find inner peace in overcrowded environs. The importance of a story.

A line is never just a line. It’s a river, a breeze, a bird’s wing, a strand of hair.

A sound is never just a sound. It’s a beginning, a reaction, a memory, a moment.

Less is more and more is more also. It’s all a matter of degrees.

This is a world of invention and reinvention, a world of the most delicate gentility and the most hard-core disciplines.

This is a world of tradition, originality, respect and resilience.

I thought I knew, then I realized I didn’t. I’m all the better for it now.

“Virtue is not knowing but doing.“

– Japanese proverb

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