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We're back.

So, The Muse and I have been keeping a low profile for a couple of weeks now, what with the rising numbers everywhere and especially in our home state of Florida, which seems to think the virus doesn’t happen here – call it a naive, up-with-people, group positivity; call it a strangely elitist, untouchable outlook; call it a complete and utter lack of interest; call it risky, especially in an area where so many people are somewhat north of 50, or so I’ve been told.

Whatever the case may be, some of us are possible targets, some of us feel exposed, some of us are perfectly healthy and plan to stay that way, so we hope you’ll understand if we’ve taken a break.

But now, we’ve ventured out again, and the welcome has been so wonderful, to the point that I highly recommend everyone taking a break from their normal routines just so they can know the feeling of being missed. Not kidding.

I don’t think any of us realize how much we count on seeing certain faces, hearing certain voices during our weekly routines, and we don’t give credit to how much they matter. For instance, I adore my southern belle and I miss her when she’s not in my immediate vicinity. I look forward to seeing my round-the-clock restaurateur and comparing notes on endless days and sleepless nights. I enjoy my Trish-and-Danny-time and feel the lack when they’re not there.

And so many more and aren’t we lucky for that. But this is what now is for everyone, I think. And isn’t it a wonderful time to take stock and see what really matters?

And what matters, I think, is this – friendship, small talk, sideways glances, shared laughter, genuine appreciation, true affection…and good health.

Everything else is gravy.

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

– Ed Cunningham

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