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Blog 400. à bientôt

Until soon.

In 2013, I started writing a blog. Usually weekly but often missing some, due to life stuff. Now, nine years later, we’re at Blog 400. That’s a lot of typing, if nothing else. But I hope it’s been something else for you, now and then. I know it’s been for me.

What started as a dare became a test, then a passion, then a comfortable form of self-therapy and inevitably a companion. I highly recommend it. Along the way, the blog has amassed a very nice following from around the globe, which is fascinating in its own right and flattering to say the least. And for that I say a heartfelt “thank you”.

The idea of expressing something – an observation, a feeling, a personal thought – and then hearing back that it was shared and understood and appreciated, well, it’s kind of amazing and a very clear reminder that we’re all much more alike than we are different. Conversely the disagreements which have occasionally arisen are just as eye-opening and educational and are very much respected for their honesty.

I worry sometimes about people getting too isolated. More and more, in fact. And in my own peculiar fashion, this has been a way of saying, “Hi, I’m over here. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s have a chat.”

But now it’s time to stop typing for a while. Why? Because it’s a nice round number and an arbitrary goal I set years ago. Also I’m getting too redundant, even for me. Also I don’t want to overstay my welcome.

As one of my favorite quotes says, and I do love me a good quote,”Wisdom is knowing when to leave.”

So, with that I’ll take my leave for now. And I know full well, I’ll be back eventually, because I’m a talker, you see. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

Thank you for welcoming me into your world on a weekly basis. And thank you for sharing mine.

I’ll see you soon. Big hugs til next time.


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